“The Path to Piney Meadows” by Gail Sattler

I really enjoyed reading “The Path to Piney Meadows” by Gail Sattler.  Chad Jones has finally had enough of the rat race that is his life and his job in Minneapolis.  On Christmas Eve he finds himself still at work, while his boss and other employees are celebrating with a party.  His fiancée with whom he has been living has left him, taking with her all of her stuff and most of his, after he found that she was pregnant.  He wanted to marry her, but she has left him with no trace. 

 He packs up what he can take in his car and starts driving.  He has with no place in mind to go, just follows anywhere the highway takes him.  He drives until he runs out of gas, luckily in the Mennonite community of Piney Meadows.  He finds refuge from the snowy, cold Christmas Eve in the Mennonite church just as their Nativity service is about to begin.  And here begins his journey back.  He needs to free himself of his burdens and get his life in order so that he can make new plans and a new life.  This story is about that journey.  I was genuinely touched by the characters in this book and was really amused at some of the new things that Chad had to learn about.  I would recommend this book highly.

 I was sent this free advance reader copy of this book from the publisher, Abingdon Press in return for my honest review.  

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