“Carolina Reckoning” by Lisa Carter

“Carolina Reckoning” by Lisa Carter was a very good murder mystery.  Alison Monaghan and her children Justin and Claire are waiting for the return of their husband and father, Frank, from his latest flight as a pilot.  Alison has reason to suspect that Frank has been unfaithful and is determined that this time, she will confront him once and for all.  No more will she try to keep the peace because Frank can wound with words.  She is going to decide where to go from her and what to do with her life.  She doesn’t get that chance.  Frank does not come home that night and in the morning she opens the door to the police.  Frank has been killed.

Mike Barefoot is the detective assigned to the case and suspects her of the killing, which is the usual procedure.  Frank has not been the model husband and person that people think he was.  Mike soon decides that Alison is not the murderer.  They both try to find out who killed Frank.  There is a lot of speculation and many more suspects until the end of the story provides a big surprise.  I liked this book a lot and could not put it down because I was so interested in the outcome of the investigation.

I was sent this free advance reader copy of this book from the publisher, Abingdon Press in return for my honest review.


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