“Sweet Revenge” by Zoë Archer

I have finished reading “Sweet Revenge” by Zoë Archer.   This book takes place in England in the late 1800’s.  Justice for the little man in England at that time was non-existent. The courts routinely found poor people guilty even though their proof was suspect.  Of course the families had no recourse and no way to get recompense.  The hero of the story has been imprisoned for trying to kill the louse that killed his sister.  His one goal in life is to kill the monster.

Nemesis, Inc. has been formed by a group of people who are determined to get justice and restitution for the middle class people who have no chance against the landed gentry.  Jack Dalton has escaped prison with the help of Nemesis so that another young girl, who has been ruined by Lord Rockley, can be compensated.  Eva Warrick, along with Simon and Marco has been given the task of ruining Lord Rockley in order to get back at him for hurting so many young girls.  Killing him is not an option, but ruining him professionally and personally would be a lifetime sentence for him.

This book was very interesting in that the suspense involved in exploring Lord Rockley’s habits and ways to get back at him are endless.  I really enjoyed reading this book and finding out what I did about the characters’ lives.  The story could be brutal at times, but then again, revenge was sweet.  I found myself cheering them on.

I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review.


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