“A Heart Divided” by Kathleen Morgan

“A Heart Divided” by Kathleen Morgan was a great book.  Sarah Caldwell’s family was always either on the edge of the law or completely on the other side of the law.  Ever since the Wainright’s gained control of the Caldwell Ranch in a card game many years ago, Jacob Caldwell has waged a war of vengeance against the Wainrights.

The last act of vengeance perpetrated on the Wainwrights was a home burglary in which Sarah reluctantly aided her father and brothers by keeping Cord Wainwright busy.  After the robbery, the Caldwells beat Cord badly.  A few weeks later, Sarah was in town disguised as a young boy, when Cord recognized her and captured her. He took her to the Wainwright ranch until he was able to turn her over to the law.  In that time spent at the ranch, Sarah and Cord formed an uneasy truce which developed into something more.  Together they worked at getting the families together and stopping the feud.  However, finding out just who was behind the rustling and other dastardly deeds would come as a big surprise to all involved.

I very much enjoyed this book and was reluctant to put it down.

I received a free Kindle copy of this book in return for my honest review.


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