“Sweet Tea for Two” by Genell Dellin

“Sweet Tea for Two” by Genell Dellin is a contemporary romance, which is set in the little town of Rock Springs, Texas.  Rock Springs is a typical small town with everyone knowing everyone else’s business or thinking they know their business.  Meri Briscoe is a lawyer who moves back home to help her grandmother save her farm.  She meets a handsome rancher Caleb Burkett and they fall in love.  However, they do not get along.  Everyone in town thinks they should be married, but they feel they are wrong for each other.  They do not see eye to eye on anything they say or do.

However they have formed a partnership with each other in a business that is serving to help save Meri’s grandmother’s farm and should help Caleb with his ranching business.  If they could get along for a few minutes they might have a chance.

I had a hard time reading this book because I got tired of Meri and Caleb always fighting and taking everything either one said the wrong way.  Meri was not considerate of Caleb at all.  She was afraid of being abandoned because her mother left her when she was a child.  I’m sorry, but she was loved by her grandmother and many others and I just felt that she should “get over it already!”  I felt really sorry for Caleb who just tried to appease her.  I would have just dumped her and let her moan and groan and pout over every little thing.  It was not one of my favorite books to read.

I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review.


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