“The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent” by Susan Elia MacNeal

I have read many of Susan Elia MacNeal’s Maggie Hope books.  From the first one on, each has brought the desperation and conspiracies of London in the first days of WWII into focus for me.  Maggie Hope, British by birth and raised in America, has the ability to ferret out those who would see England destroyed by the Nazis.  “The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent” finds Maggie recuperating in Scotland at a training base for SOE agents.  Her past escapades have finally gotten to her soul and she is in despair.

An invitation to see an old friend perform in the ballet in Edinburgh brings Maggie into the investigation of a double murder and the almost-murder of her friend from the ballet, Sarah Sanderson.  The murder agent is a top-secret biological virus, anthrax, which is clandestinely being researched for warfare if needed.  Maggie and her partner from MI5 must solve the murders without endangering the top secret research.

In the time frame of this book, Pearl Harbor is bombed which brings the United States into the war.  Mr. Churchill is determined to talk to President Roosevelt and needs someone to be not only a secretary, a typist, a translator (of all things American) and a bodyguard.  He wants his former secretary, Maggie Hope to fill that role.  We end the story with the promise of yet another exciting Maggie Hope mystery.  I can’t wait.


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