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“The Return” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

We usually think of Indians in novel as being the western variety conflicting with settlers and cowboys.  Rarely do we think that when our nation was very young and during the westward settlement push in the east, the Native Americans were being pushed from their home territory and hunting grounds to accommodate the influx of farmers and entrepreneurs.

“The Return” by Suzanne Woods Fisher is a book about the German settlers in the state known as Pennsylvania and settled by William Penn.  Most of these settlers fled Europe to avoid religious prosecution and were content to forge their own simple lives in the New World.  Their relationship with the natives was mostly peaceful; but the conflict known as the French and Indian Wars caused havoc and terror among the settlers.

In “The Return”, Ms. Fisher addresses the problem of Indiana attacks and the terror of being taken captive.  Taking scalps and gruesome murders by the “savages” was a normal result of an Indian attack.  Betsy Zook’s mother and father were killed in a raid on their farm.  Betsy and one of her brothers were taken captive while the younger brother hid until the attack was over and he was able to go for help.  Her kidnapping caused a domino effect throughout the territory and caused some of the settlers to exact revenge on innocent natives.

I very much enjoyed this look into the history of the early years of our nation.  Ms. Fisher writes with much enthusiasm and historical knowledge.  It is evident in her portrayal of the settlers and Indians in this novel.

I received a complimentary print copy of this book from Revell Publishers and a Kindle copy from NetGalley.com and was under no obligation to post a review.


“Streams of Mercy” by Lauraine Snelling

I must begin by saying that Lauraine Snelling is a wonderful author.  Her books about the settlers who came from Norway to North Dakota are extremely well written.  I read the first of these novels and liked them very much.

I was excited to read “Streams of Mercy”, book three in the Song of Blessing series.  Blessing is the name of the town that sprung up in North Dakota as more and more settlers followed the first from Norway.  I started this book, then put it down for a while.  I recently began reading it again, and although the writing was good and the story was interesting, I had to stop in the middle of the book.  I became so frustrated trying to keep all the characters straight.  I found myself going back to the beginning of the book to the Bjorklund family tree trying to place everyone where they should be.  Even though I love the author and liked the book, I was unable to finish it.  Perhaps someone with more perseverance and short term memory would really be able to delve into the story and see it through to the end.

I would like to thank Bethany House Publishers for allowing me to read and review this book in return for a free print copy and I was never asked to write a favorable review by anyone.

“The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn” by Lori Benton

“The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn” by Lori Benton was one of the best books I’ve read so far this year.  The story takes place in Morganton, North Carolina, on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains.

Tamsen Littlejohn is basically on the auction block if her stepfather, Hezekiah Parrish, has his way and forces her to marry a man of his choosing, Mr. Ambrose Kincaid.  Tamsen’s mother just tries to make sure that her husband keeps calm and persuades Tamsen to do what he has ordered.  She agrees to meet this man and flirt her way into a marriage proposal, but that is before she witnesses his treatment of one of his slaves.  Tamsen is an abolitionist and abhors that kind of treatment of any human being.  She decides then and there to flee her stepfather’s reach.

Jesse Bird and his partner, Cade, who is a half Deleware have just arrived in Morganton to deliver cattle from homesteaders west of the Appalachians.  They are planning to escort some more settlers to the western lands.  They plan to leave as soon as they can get the families together.

Jesse comes across Tamsen trying to flee in the middle of the night, but is caught by her stepfather.  Tamsen again flees after her mother is killed by the brutish Mr. Parrish.  Jesse and Cade agree to help Tamsen get away but are pursued by Mr. Parrish and Mr. Kincaid.  Thus begins the tale.

I was so anxious reading for this novel because I didn‘t want to stop reading.  Characters living in the 1780’s and the land that they live in is very interesting.  I wasn’t sure what to expect next.  Sometimes you can just guess what is coming, but in this novel that is not the case.  I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes historical fiction or romance.  What a great read!

I received free print copy of this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.