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“If I Live” by Terri Blackstock

I was privileged to have read “If I Run” by Terri Blackstock.  It was the first book in the If I Run series.  I requested a review copy of “If I Live” from NetGalley.com and began reading.  I found that I really needed to read the second book in the series, “If I’m Found”, if I wanted to get the whole picture of the books’ storyline.  This series is truthfully the most riveting three books I have ever read.  Each page of each book draws the reader into more thrills, intrigue, and danger.  I felt as if I had run each mile and taken each disguise on myself.  I was glad to see the situation resolved in book number three, but I was also disappointed that I was at the end of the series.

I will definitely be reading any book by Terri Blackstock that I can get my hands on.

I received a Kindle copy of “If I Live” from NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


“Dangerous Illusiions” by Irene Hannon

Trish Baily has just found her mother dead in her bed.  While it looks like death from natural causes, Trish’s accountant has planted a seed of doubt with the local police.  He intimates that Trish has been extremely stressed caring for her mother and may have inadvertently given her mother an overdose.  The detective leading the case, Colin Flynn, is not convinced.  But why would Matt Parker plant that seed?  He has seemed interested in Trish in a romantic way although she does not return his feelings.  As time and investigation go on, disturbing and dangerous things start happening to Trish.  Colin has taken more than a little interest in her and is doing everything he can to make sure she is safe.  This novel, “Dangerous Illusiions” by Irene Hannon, is rife with twists and turns and keeps the reader on edge of the seat throughout.

I enjoyed this book and it was one that I could not put down.  The storyline was just too interesting to forget.  Ms. Hannon always delivers fine writing and intriguing plots.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Revell publishers and was under no obligation to post review.

“All By Myself, Alone” by Mary Higgins Clark

“All By Myself, Alone” by Mary Higgins Clark, an international best-selling author, is another mystery in the “Queen of Suspense” list of novels.

Celia Kilbride has been hired to lecture on precious gems on the maiden voyage of the Queen Charlotte ocean liner.  She is really running away from the fallout from her fiancé’s arrest for hedge fund abuses.  She even convinced some of her friends to invest their money with him.  Now, she is a person of interest in being a partner in his crimes.  Of course, she knew nothing about that, she also lost money.  However, she was engaged to be married to him and no one believes her.

This maiden voyage of Queen Charlotte is very important to the shipping line and all efforts to make this an outstanding voyage for the elite and non-so-elite who are travelling on it are the number one concerns of the line.  Of course many passengers are wearing their most expensive jewelry which would tend to draw unscrupulous gem thieves to travel along.  We have a jewel thief on board, but who is it?  There is an inspector from Scotland Yard aboard, also the assistant to a very wealthy woman, Lady Em, her maid, and various other suspects.  After this poor woman is murdered, it becomes most important for Celia to establish that she is not a thief, nor a hedge fund accomplice, but a true gemologist, renowned in her field.

I received a complimentary print copy from NightOwlReviews.com for reading and review.

“Murder on the Moor” by Julianna Deering

“Murder on the Moor” by Julianna Deering is a novel about friendship, clandestine activities, village eccentrics, and murder.  The dialogue reeks of Britain.  I found this very enjoyable.  This novel takes place in the Yorkshire moors in the village of Bunting’s Nest.  Drew and Madeline Fathering have earned a reputation for sleuthing and solving mysteries.  When Drew’s old college classmate Beaky’s calls Drew for help, he and Madeline can hardly refuse.  Beaky’s Bloodworth Park Lodge has become the scene of small crimes and unexplained worrisome incidents that are scaring the life out of his wife.  After the murder of the old vicar of the church someone needs to investigate.  Beaky welcomes Drew and Madeline to his home, not so much Beaky’s wife, Sabrina.  After the murder of an elderly woman follows on the heels of the vicar’s demise, everyone is suspect.  As the comment goes…the plot thickens.  I did not have an inkling of the ending.  It was a complete surprise and worth every word read to get there.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries and anything British.

I received a complimentary print copy from NightOwlReviews.com for reading and review.

“The Promise of Breeze Hill” by Pam Hillman

I was delighted to read “The Promise of Breeze Hill” by Pam Hillman.  I loved this book because of the sweet romance, the mysteries surrounding the Natchez Trace, the intrigue and the way that life during that time period was described.

An indentured carpenter, Connor O’Shea is chosen by Isabella Bartholomew for his help on her father’s plantation.  There have been many tragedies in the Bartholomew family of late and at the beginning of the book, no one suspected that someone wanted the Bartholomews out.  The death of the son and heir, the fiery destruction of part of the plantation house, missing stock, mysterious trespassers, and other incidents really do not come to the surface until Connor comes to the plantation.  His presence puts a distinct kink in the works for the one person wanting to see the demise of Breeze Hill.

I loved the book and its fast pace kept me reading long into the night until I was finished.  I thought the characters in the story were well-described and their actions fit their characters.  I also like a good romance and this was that.  Well worth my time reading this book.

I received a complimentary print copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers and was under no obligation to post a review.

“My Daughter’s Legacy” by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould have collaborated on a number of novels.  “My Daughter’s Legacy” is the third book in their Cousins of the Dove series.  This novel is the story of two women, living decades apart.  Nicole Talbot is a recovering addict determined to turn her life around and make something of it.  Therese Jennings lives near Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War.  They are connected by an ancient manuscript which has disappeared.

When Nicole, Maddee, her sister, and their cousins were very young, they came upon a murdered man.  However, when they went to get their parents and returned to the sight, there was no body, no blood, and no weapon.  All these years Nicole has harbored a secret about her grandfather that she is now determined to bring to light.

Therese’s father is an abolitionist living in the South.  Since his passing, and afterwards her maternal grandfather’s passing, she and her mother move to the estate where her mother was raised.  Therese wants her mother to free the slaves on their plantation, but her mother refuses.  Therese decides to leave home and take a job as a nanny in Richmond.  There she is introduced to nursing the wounded along with her friend Polly.  Dr. Alec Talbot, a Quaker, has gotten permission to tend the patients and is their only doctor.  Therese becomes aware that Polly and her cousin, Dr. Alec, may be a part of a spy ring, spying for the Union.  As a staunch abolitionist herself, she wants to help.

This novel’s chapters bounce back and forth between Nicole in present day and Therese in Civil War era Richmond.  What becomes a murder mystery to be solved by Nicole is strongly connected to the plantation where Therese’s family lives.  The interaction between the two time frames is sometimes confusing, but leads the reader to the conclusive end.  This is a very intriguing book.

“Missing” by Lisa Harris


The Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris is a great series of mystery and murder.  In her second book of the series, “Missing”, Nikki Boyd is called to the scene of a double murder in a residential neighborhood.  Not only are the two men not the owners of the property, but the husband and wife are missing.  Tyler Grant, Nikki’s friend is involved only because the body of the husband is found on his boat and his father-in-law is involved as well.  As with all of Ms. Harris’ books, we are soon drawn into a complicated situation where there are many suspects and murders occur in each chapter.

Nikki’s main priority at this point is locating the missing wife.  Evidently the husband had found evidence of counterfeit drugs at the pharmaceutical company where he worked and was ready to go to the authorities.  Victims had died because the drugs were not what they should be and contained missing or non-existing ingredients making them lethal to some.  Because the criminals weren’t sure who knew the truth, they were out to destroy all those involved.

We follow Nikki as she tirelessly works to uncover the plot and the murderers and those who hired them.  Tyler, his son Liam, his mother and many others are at risk and time is running out.  I love Ms. Harris’ books.  They are well written, the characters are true and the plots are tricky and involved…just like I like them.

Revell has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.