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“Sweetbriar Cottage” by Denise Hunter

I’m not usually one that likes to read contemporary romance novels because the plots seem to follow certain patterns and I get bored with them.  However, “Sweetbriar Cottage” by Denise Hunter was a surprise exception.  Noah Mitchell has given up his job to move to a horse ranch outside of town after a particularly painful divorce.  It has been three years and he has not gotten over his ex-wife’s deception, but is still trying.  Enter the IRS.  Noah receives a letter regarding his tax return and upon delving into the matter finds that the divorce was never finalized.  He blames his ex, Josephine, for not following through and making sure all the “t’s” were crossed and the “i’s” dotted.

He confronts her in her place of business and she promises to take care of it.  He is not happy about the delay.  He wants it done with.  Josephine decides to help him out by delivering the court papers to his cottage in the mountains, not realizing that the weather is closing in.  She becomes stranded there for the duration of the storm, while Noah keeps his distance and his attitude surly.  Circumstances occur which cause them to venture out in the storm, where they become stranded in the freezing weather.  Their unwanted togetherness causes them to reconnect and they find that their attraction for one another has not diminished.  Josephine is on the verge of death from hypothermia and opens her heart to Noah.

Ms. Hunter does not sugar-coat the character or personality of either Noah or Josie.  She gives the reader a great insight to what can be solved if each party just listens to each other.

I received a Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley.com but no review was required.