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“A Rumored Fortune” by Joanna Davidson Politano

“A Rumored Fortune” by Joanna Davidson Politano was sent to me for my review.  I was not that excited about reading and reviewing this book because it takes place in a time period that is not one of my favorites.  However, not even one chapter into the book, I changed my mind.  I found this book to be very exciting.  It was full of mystery, mayhem and possibly murder.

I found the characters to be diverse and their interactions were attention-grabbing.  I tend to make up my mind about a character quite early in the book, but in this case I would suggest withholding judgement until the end.  I also thought that the author used her words in the most colorful way, depicting scenes that the reader could very easily visualize.  I thought it a very good read.

I received a print copy of this book from the Revell Blog Tour Team in return for my honest review.

“Until the Dawn” by Elizabeth Camden

Sophie van Riijn is a volunteer for the newly formed Weather Bureau.  She has placed her equipment atop Dierenpark, an abandoned mansion located on a cliff in the Hudson River Valley.  Supposedly, this mansion is the subject of many rumors and hints of mystery that have plagued the owners for decades.  She loves this place and loves the haunting beauty of the land.  Elizabeth Camden has written a lovely story in “Until the Dawn” about this magical but mysterious place.

When the current Vandermark owner arrives unannounced with his son and entourage, he promptly fires everyone who has worked on keeping the estate running and in good condition.  He is a grumpy, hard man who has the intention of destroying the mansion and all its goods in order to rid his family of the so-called “curse”.  Sophie has her work cut out for her, trying to persuade Quentin Vandermark to permit the collection of data for the weather bureau and to keep Dierenpark intact.

I enjoyed this story.  There were so many interesting facts about the plot that kept my interest, not to mention the interaction of the vivacious Sophie with the brooding Quentin.  Ms. Camden has a way with words that in describing the mansion and its property, I could actually see it in my mind.

I received a print copy of this book from Bethany House in return for my honest review.

“Merry Christmas, Cowboy” by Janet Dailey

I have just finished “Merry Christmas, Cowboy” by Janet Dailey.  She has written many Christmas romances and this is her latest.

The story takes place in Denver, Colorado.  Paula Lewis is a cop and is working at a mansion, helping turning it into a Christmas wonderland for the local kids to enjoy.  Zach Bennett has also come from his family’s ranch to help out.  Paula also works as security for the holiday mansion because there have been some problems and mischief perpetrated by a few of the local teens.  One teen in particular is in danger of becoming a problem for his grandmother with whom he lives.  Zach and Paula take him under their wing to try to steer him in the right direction and away from other teens that are bad influences.  Of course, during this time Paula and Zach get to know each other quite well and become romantically linked.

I enjoyed this novel as a Christmas treat for me.  I always try to read the Christmas stories that come out every year and Janet Dailey is one of my favorite authors.

I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review from NightOwlReview.com and Zebra books by Kensington publishers.