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“Red Sky Over America” by Tamera Lynn Kraft

“Red Sky Over America” by Tamera Lynn Kraft is a novel written about the pre-Civil war era and the abolitionists helping runaway slaves through the Underground Railroad.  This book is the first in the series Ladies of Oberlin.  Oberlin College in Ohio had a reputation as a center for abolitionist activities and many of the college’s presidents embraced these efforts.  Oberlin was a key stop along the Underground Railroad, an informal network of back-road routes and safe houses used to harbor escaped slaves seeking freedom in the Northers states and Canada.

America Leighton was a student at Oberlin seeking to become a missionary to China.  Her slave-owning father Colonel Leighton was not keen on her choice of livelihood and requested her return to Kentucky for the Christmas break.  She was afraid that once she returned home, he would prevent her from returning to Oberlin for her last year of schooling.  Since she was also an abolitionist, she feared that her desire to persuade her father to free his slaves and hire them with a living wage would result with his wrath.

William, a classmate of America’s is destined to become a preacher and has also come to Kentucky, but to preach abolition in the community churches.  Neither America nor William is well received in the slave-holding state of Kentucky.  It is very fascinating to read about conditions that prevailed in slave-holding areas before the Civil War.  It is also rewarding to read how many citizens braved the cruelty of some who did not believe as they did.

I really liked reading this story.  I can’t say that I enjoyed reading of the harsh treatment of both slaves and abolitionists alike, but this book served as a reminder of what our country struggled with so many years ago.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Desert Breeze publishing through LitFusePublicity.com.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


“His Risk” by Shelley Shephard Gray

Shelley Shephard Gray wrote “His Risk” as one novel in The Amish of Hart County series.  This novel is about bad boy Calvin Fisher and his return to Horse Cave, Kentucky.  Cal’s brother Mark has cancer and Cal comes home to help out.  Even though leaving The Kings, his gang in Louisville may spell danger for those he loves.  Unknown to anyone else, he is undercover as a DEA agent who has infiltrated the Kings who are gun-runners, and dope peddlers.  The Kings do follow up on him to make sure he is where he says he was going.

Across the street from his brother’s home, Alice Yoder is house-sitting for her brother and his wife.  When strange and dangerous things start happening in Horse Cave, Alice and Cal need to find out who is behind these activities and also need to see where their friendship is going.  Alice’s friend Irene has taken a fancy to Cal’s boss, West, and he to her.  Where is this relationship going?

I did enjoy this book, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it.  I thought that it was pretty inconceivable that two Amish girls would be interested in two obviously dangerous men, especially in a tiny town like Horse Cave, Kentucky.


I was sent a complimentary print proof of this book by Litfuse.com for my honest review.

“Magnolia Creek” by Jill Marie Landis

Jill Marie Landis has been one of my favorite authors for many years.  Any time I can read one of her books, I count myself lucky.  “Magnolia Creek” is such a book.  Any story based on Civil War characters is usually a favorite of mine.  Sara Collier Talbot has returned to Magnolia Creek, Kentucky as a young war widow who was duped by a Yankee officer, left town with him and became pregnant.  He left her then, unmarried with a child.  She decides to go home.  The Collier family is a rough and tumble bunch, making their living during the war selling moonshine.  Sara’s father was not welcoming to his daughter and hit her when she tried to see her family, called her a slut and told her to leave.  She has no choice at this point, but to go to the home of her dead husband and hope that his sister Louzanna will take pity on her and her child.

Dr. Dru Talbot has been declared killed in battle, but in reality he is still alive and making his way to Magnolia Creek too.  He has no idea of the trouble Sara has had and only looks forward to a loving reunion with her.  When he finds out about the baby, which is not his, he spurns her, not forgiving her and telling her he no longer loves her.

The whole town of Magnolia Creek turns their back on Sara, not even acknowledging her presence nor that of her little girl.  When yellow fever makes its appearance in the town, Dr. Talbot needs help taking care of his patients.  Since Sara has had the disease, she volunteers unselfishly to help the townspeople.  Even then, someone is out to kill her.  She is attacked and left for dead.  Will she ever be reunited with Dru as husband and wife and live the life they started before the war?  You will have to read this book to find out.


Once again Ms. Landis has written a wonderful love story, a fine historical romance.  I’m looking forward to more from her.


I downloaded a free Kindle copy from NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.

“Her Secret” by Shelley Shepard Gray

Shelley Shepard Gray begins a new series, The Amish of Hart County with “Her Secret”.  Hannah Hilty and her family, mother, father, brother and sister, have been forced to move from their home in Ohio to a small town, Munfordville, Kentucky.  Their reason for selling out and moving is to get away from someone who is stalking Hannah.  Some in the family think that Hannah is over reacting to notes, flowers and unwanted gifts.  However, the stalker was getting more brazen and scary.  Hannah’s brother and sister, especially, are having problems adjusting to a smaller town with all that small towns bring with them.  Hannah does not venture out unless it is necessary.  She is a virtual prisoner in her own home because of her fear of being the target of the stalker again, when she befriends a young man who is her neighbor.  She is trying to let herself become her own person again and not be afraid of her own shadow.  However, things start happening to make her think that her pursuer is back.  She knows who it is and she seems to think that he has followed her and her family to their new location.  She is not mistaken though, and her fears increase as the stalker comes closer and closer to her.  She has to decide whether or not to let him take over her life or overcome her fears and choose to let people into her life who can help her.

I thought that this was a really good Amish thriller.  It didn’t take me long to read it because I enjoyed it so much.  I received a print copy of this book from Litfuse.com in return for my honest review.