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“My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho” by Susanne Dietze

“My Heart Belongs in Ruby City, Idaho” by Susanne Dietze is a delightful novel about mail-order brides.  Think what would happen if you married the wrong man mistakenly.  After almost starving and with no place to live, Rebecca answers an ad in a magazine, receives a reply from Theodore, a mercantile owner in Ruby City.  As soon as she steps off the stage a man runs to her, claims her as his intended and they get married right away.  However when she said “I do” to “Tad”, she thought she was saying “I do” to Ted, Tad’s cousin and then the fun begins.  This scenario may seem a bit contrived to some, but the further escapades of Rebecca and the townspeople provide a fun and enjoyable story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.


“Belonging” by Robin Lee Hatcher

Robin Lee Hatcher wrote “Belonging”, the story of an orphan girl from Chicago who became a teacher in Idaho.  Felicia Brennan Kristoffersen, along with her two siblings was put on an orphan train in Chicago, IL in 1881.  These orphans were paraded in front of settlers at each stop to see if someone would adopt them or take them in.  Felicia and her siblings were separated and she went home with a farmer and his wife.  After their deaths she had to make her own way and had been trained as a teacher.  Colin Murphy and his daughter, Charity, were anxious to meet the new schoolteacher.  Colin ran the mercantile and was providing lodging for the new schoolmarm.   There are the usual complications of living in a very small town under very observant eyes.  Trouble brews and boils over.

This book was very entertaining and I recommend it.  I downloaded a free Kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com.

“An Unseemly Wife” by E. B. Moore

E. B. Moore has written wonderful historical novel in “An Unseemly Wife”.   This book brings to life the sheer audacity of some men to want to uproot their families, leave their comfortable homes and travel west to new land.  They leave behind cherished possessions, friends, family and familiarity to travel with others of like mind, some of whom are not stellar persons.

The journey is arduous, dangerous, monotonous and fraught with illness, hunger and all things that would make a sane person turn back.  But also the different families who travel together can be made up of persons of varying backgrounds, religions, educations, and motivations.  Traveling together with unknown folks can cause more problems than being on the trail itself.

I found that I would not have been a good candidate to settle the west, away from the familiar, risking life and limb and the lives of children just to find more land to farm or ranch.  I recommend this book because it gives a good view of what those in the westward migration experienced on their journeys to the Promised Land.

I ordered free kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com.

“The Tamarack Murders” by Patrick F. McManus

“The Tamarack Murders” by Patrick F. McManus is one of the Bo Tully Mystery Series. I thought I would enjoy this book because McManus is supposed to be a writer who invokes a sense of humor in his books.  I DO love a good murder mystery, but this was not a good murder mystery and I think I missed the humor.

I’m sorry to say that, but there were so many characters written into this story that I had a hard time following.  Also the book was super short which in my mind didn’t give the novelist time to flesh out the story enough to entice me to read this book word for word.  I must admit that I began skimming the pages just to be through with it.

I would not recommend purchasing this book. It was not at all a book that I would lend anyone along with a good review.  I received a free print copy of this book in return for my honest review from the publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. and Night Owl Reviews. The opinions expressed here are my own.