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“Where Treetops Glisten” by Tricia Goyer, Cara Putnam and Sarah Sundin

Tricia Goyer, Cara Putnam and Sarah Sundin have joined three of their short novels into one lovely book, “Where Treetops Glisten”.  The stories are set in Lafayette, Indiana in the 1940’s, my favorite time period.

Louise Turner lives with her son and his wife.  Her husband Henry fought in the Spanish-American War.  Her son Robert fought in the Great War.  And now her grandchildren are being drawn into the drama that is the Second World War.  This book is about the Turner grandchildren and their work and love during the war.

Sarah Sundin writes about Pete, a pilot who has flown many missions and is being assigned stateside, but will also ferry planes to Europe.  He has been a bully and a miscreant during his growing-up years.  Grace was the sister of his friend and also the one he picked on the most.  Can these two ever forget their childhoods and come together as one?

Cara Putnam’s story is about Abigail, Pete’s sister who has lost her high-school sweetheart at Pearl Harbor.  Can she find love and happiness with someone else?  Can she find a course in her life that will satisfy her?

Tricia Goyer tells the story of Meredith Turner, a nurse, who is stationed in the Netherlands during the Battle of the Bulge.  She is working in a field hospital caring for the wounded Americans and sometimes a German.  She has been badly hurt by a young man whom she loved and hoped to marry.  He was of German descent and at the beginning of the war returned to his homeland she presumed to help the Nazi cause.  Was her David a spy?  Did he use her to try to get information from her contacts in the service?

Miracles can occur as you will see if you read about this wonderful Indiana family as they do the best they can to live fulfilled lives during a trying time.  I loved this book.  I am familiar with Lafayette, Indiana, and just reading about the different stores and areas was interesting.  I found this book comforting and well worth my time.

“Hope Rising” by Stacy Henrie

“Hope Rising” by Stacy Henrie is a novel about World War I in France.  It is the second book in the “Of Love and War” series.  The United States Army Nurse Corp, established in 1901, had approximately 10,000 nurses serving overseas.  If these nurses married or became pregnant, they were honorably discharged and sent home.

This story is about one of those nurses.  She discovers that she is pregnant and tells Ralph, but he is killed in the trenches before they can be married.  Corporal Joel Campbell is brought into the hospital where she is working.  Unknown to her, Joel was Ralph’s best friend and blames himself for Ralph’s death because he ordered him to take half of the troops, with Joel taking the other half, to cross a meadow.  The Germans lobbed a grenade into Ralph’s group, killing him and others.

This story seems real as Ms. Henrie portrays it.  My grandfather fought in France in WW I, but would never talk about it.  The description of the hellish conditions of combat, the bombardments, and deprivations that are described make the reader feel that he is right there in the midst of battle.  I always tend to put myself in the novels I read because I feel so much more a part of the story.  I noticed during reading this book that after I stopped the story stayed with me for a while.  I am determined to read all the books in this series and to look for more books by Stacy Henrie.

I was sent a free print copy of this book by Night Owl Reviews, and a free Kindle copy from NetGalley.com in return for my honest assessment of the book.