“The First Lady Escapes” by Verity Speeks

I tried to read a novel called “The First Lady Escapes” by Verity Speeks.  I didn’t get a fourth of the way through the book when I disgustedly quit reading.  This book was quite obviously a satire on the private lives of President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, the First Lady.

I thought I could plow my way through this obvious attempt to vilify our sitting president and make a mockery of his family.  I could not continue.  Not only was this book suggestively vulgar, almost pornographic in the attempt to denigrate both the First Lady and the President, but I could not stomach the portrayal of the other characters surrounding the First Family, either by the staff, the Secret Service or other family members.  I am totally convinced that the author’s name is made up to further insult my intelligence.

I am ashamed that this book was on NetGalley.com, and I didn’t think that this kind of “smut” would be offered on that site.  I was permitted to download this Kindle book in order to give my review.

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