“The Weaver’s Daughter” by Sarah E. Ladd

“The Weaver’s Daughter” by Sarah E. Ladd tells the story of the past versus the future.  This novel takes place in Yorkshire, England where sheep, wool, and mills dominate.  Those who are weavers raise the sheep, card the wool, make cloth and sell it.  The mills are trying to be more progressive and economical by bringing in machinery that will do the job more cheaply and faster.  This sets up a war of sorts between the weavers and the mill owners.

Kate Dearborne is the loyal daughter of a weaver and as such follows her father’s wishes on the war against the mills.  Henry Stockton is the grandson of a mill owner and has been away from Yorkshire for his education.  Coming back into the community pits him against the weavers even though he is not comfortable with what his grandfather is doing.  There ought to be a compromise.

Matters become heated, death and destruction follow the raids the weavers make on the mills.  The millers defend themselves and neither side is willing to work together.  The climax comes when Kate has to make a decision.  Does she keep quiet and perhaps cause lives to be lost, or does she do what she thinks is right and try to stop the conflict.

I enjoyed this book and thought the author’s research had to have been extensive to have written such a good novel.  I would recommend this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley.com in order to be able to post a review.

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