“The Missing Bride” by Tish Davis

“The Missing Bride” by Tish Davis was a typical mail-order bride novel.  That’s not to say that is was a boring read though.  It’s just that the reader could almost predict what would happen next.

In order to keep women from pestering him to marry, Lee Anders advertises for a mail-order bride.  I guess my question here is: how is that any different from marrying someone you know?  I would think it very risky to take a chance on someone sight unseen.

Lily Solomon is being forced to marry a colleague of her father’s, one who is not what he really is in front of her parents.  To them he is courteous and gracious, but with Lily, he is possessive, abusive and conniving.  She knows that if she marries him, her live will be a misery, so she decides to answer Lee’s ad for a mail-order bride.  Even though she has been raised in gentility, she will now have to work harder than ever before.  Can she change her life and make a good marriage?

I found the characters to be very likable and the plot to be interesting, even though it is predictable.


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