“The Room on Rue Amélie” by Kristin Harmel

“The Room on Rue Amélie” by Kristin Harmel was a book that I could not put down.  I classify it in the same vein as “The Nightingale” and other tales of The Resistance in France during WWII.  This is an emotional story that will keep you turning pages and wishing for more.  It is an excellent novel.

American Ruby Henderson marries a Frenchman and moved to Paris in the last 1930’s.  Although life at this point in Paris is romantic and full of adventure, the threat of war hangs over everyone’s head.  Some just cannot believe that the Germans could take Paris and some are doing their best to leave before that happens.  Marcel Benoit, Ruby’s husband, wants her to return to the States while he stays behind.   She decides to stay and make the best of it because she thinks that, as an American, nothing that bad can happen to her.

France does fall to the Germans and Ruby and Marcel are having difficulties.  Marcel is very secretive, leaving for days at a time with no explanation.  Across the hall from the Benoits live a Jewish couple and their young daughter.  Charlotte Dacher is away when the Gestapo deports her parents and Ruby hides her for the duration of the war.

Thomas Clarke is an RAF pilot bound to protect his country.  When his mother dies in the German bombing, he wonders if he is doing enough.  On a fateful flight where he has to bail out of his plane, he finds himself in Paris under the guide of the Resistance.  There is a room on Rue Amélie where Ruby and Charlotte provide a haven for downed Allied pilots as they continue on the route to freedom.  The highly dangerous mission of the Resistance helping the Allied airmen becomes a fight to survive for all of them.

I was sent a Kindle copy of this book by NetGalley.com for my honest review.

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