“The Innkeepers Daughter” by Michelle Griep

“The Innkeepers Daughter” by Michelle Griep is a novel set in the Regency period in England.  Johanna Langley, her mother and her brother Thomas are trying to keep their ramshackle inn and pub in business.  Johanna’s main worry is to keep the place afloat until she can gather the rent money and taxes that need to be paid.  If she cannot do that, she and her family will be transported to the poor house.

Enter Alex Morton, a handsome rogue with deep pockets who always seems to be where he is needed and at the right time.  As a Bow Street Runner, all he wants is to be the best Runner he can be.  For his latest assignment he is to go undercover to flush out those who would commit treason.  All indications point to a Viscount and his minions from Dover.  He is required to take a room at The Blue Hedge Inn, Johanna’s establishment.  He finds more than a dilapidated inn.  He is smitten with the lovely Johanna, but she has a wall around herself that will be very hard for him to crack.  With the secrets he knows, the lies he tells, and the company he keeps, it is difficult to woo the lady.  Mind you, all this subterfuge is necessary in order for him to keep himself alive.  No one can be trusted and the reader does not find out who the miscreants are until the very end.

I have read other books by Ms. Griep and have also enjoyed them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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