“High Cotton” by Debby Mayne

I agreed to read “High Cotton” by Debby Mayne with misgivings that I would like the story.  How wrong I was!  This novel about a family reunion, mothers, aunts, and cousins, who really do not want to attend, but have to in order to keep peace with their mothers, is a riot.  Following Shay Henke as she tries to take care of everyone and ends up not taking care of herself is tiring.  However, the characters in this book draw you in to their individual stories and they all mesh into one as the day of the reunion looms.

Everyone expects drama during this event and they are not disappointed.  What family perceives to be the right life for their members doesn’t necessarily have to correspond to what those members choose for themselves.  It all brings on humor, drama and challenges.  The dialogue that I identified with is that sometimes you have to fib a little to spare hurt feelings.   I found it so in tune with reality the way Ms. Mayne dealt with this.  I am looking forward to more novels in this series, Bucklin Family Reunion.

I was sent a complimentary print copy of this book by LitFuse.com for my honest review.


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