“To Honor and Cherish” by Kari Trumbo

“To Honor and Cherish” by Kari Trumbo was an interesting book to read.  It started out very well and I thought that this would be one of my favorites of this genre.  The more I read, the more confused I became.

Jax is constantly on the run from a ruthless businessman bent on killing him.  Why Jax doesn’t stand up to him is a mystery to me.  Everywhere Jax ends up, so there is Lars Larsen.  Jax seems a decent guy, but I cannot imagine that this scenario keeps going on, that is, until he starts working for Meg.

Meg’s husband has only been dead a month and she needs a ranch foreman.  There is a convoluted story about her father stipulating that the first of his two daughters to marry and have a child will get the ranch.  Sister Lizzie doesn’t particularly want the ranch; she just wants to beat Meg at anything and everything.  This was the first scenario that irritated me.  What woman who supposedly loved her husband has erotic notions about a drifter she just met and whom she know nothing about.

I’m sorry to have to give this review, but I must write my honest opinion of the work.  I’m not sure where this novel went wrong, but I felt as though every morning while writing, the author would come up with another disaster to be taken care of.  There was always the specter of Larsen and his men coming after Jax.  They knew where he was, he knew they knew and the tension that created just didn’t ring true to me.  Then there was a horseback trip to Canada to fetch Lizzie who had run away and had a complete change of character while gone two weeks.  Unbelievable!  And all this after more drama than I could stand.  I did finish the book, but I was aggravated that I’d spent that much time reading it.  I should have followed my instincts the minute my brain ceased to function while reading.

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