“His Risk” by Shelley Shephard Gray

Shelley Shephard Gray wrote “His Risk” as one novel in The Amish of Hart County series.  This novel is about bad boy Calvin Fisher and his return to Horse Cave, Kentucky.  Cal’s brother Mark has cancer and Cal comes home to help out.  Even though leaving The Kings, his gang in Louisville may spell danger for those he loves.  Unknown to anyone else, he is undercover as a DEA agent who has infiltrated the Kings who are gun-runners, and dope peddlers.  The Kings do follow up on him to make sure he is where he says he was going.

Across the street from his brother’s home, Alice Yoder is house-sitting for her brother and his wife.  When strange and dangerous things start happening in Horse Cave, Alice and Cal need to find out who is behind these activities and also need to see where their friendship is going.  Alice’s friend Irene has taken a fancy to Cal’s boss, West, and he to her.  Where is this relationship going?

I did enjoy this book, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it.  I thought that it was pretty inconceivable that two Amish girls would be interested in two obviously dangerous men, especially in a tiny town like Horse Cave, Kentucky.


I was sent a complimentary print proof of this book by Litfuse.com for my honest review.

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