“The Sea Before Us” by Sarah Sundin

Well, finally, the book I’ve been waiting for has been published!  A new series by Sarah Sundin, Sunrise at Normandy’s first book, “The Sea Before Us” is worth the wait.  Ms. Sundin’s meticulous research into all aspects of the time period she writes about gives her books that touch of reality even though they are written as historical fiction.  She also weaves historical facts and events in the stories as they happened, only changing names and certain locations.

“The Sea Before Us” tells the story of the events, planning, and multi-level participation by air, land, and naval personnel brings the enormity and comprehensive multi-pronged war plan to life.  The characters also show how different combat divisions worked together to accomplish what seemed the impossible.  The idea that the weather, the sea, the Allied forces, the German knowledge of “something big” happening all had to come together for this mission to be successful is mind-boggling.

I also love how Ms. Sundin keeps different story lines running through her novels.  We learn about history on one hand, try to solve mysteries on the other, and still have a romantic theme in these books.  I tried to read slowly, so as to savor this long-awaited novel, but I just had to keep turning pages.  Now I have to be patient, waiting for the next books in the series, “The Sky Above Us” and “The Land Beneath Us”.


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