“The Alien Corn” by Clare Flynn

Following her book “The Chalky Sea” is Clare Flynn’s sequel “The Alien Corn”.  I guess this could be a stand-alone novel, but it helps I think to read the first one.

The book begins in Ontario, Canada, in September 1945.  Jim Armstrong has come home.  His brother did not make it back from the war and his widow lives on the farm with her daughter.  Joan and their son remain in England.  Jim is not the same man who left.  He has seen too much, heard too much, experienced too much.  He is lonely for his wife and persuades her to bring their son to Canada “for a while”, with the caveat that they would return to England.  Joan and Jimmy come to the farm and are lovingly welcomed by Jim.  Not so much by Jim’s mother and ex-fiancée.  Joan is left adrift, with no one to talk to, nothing to do, stuck in the country away from city life.

This story is as engrossing as the first book in the series and I was hard put to stop reading when I had to do something else.  I love Clare Flynn’s writing and will definitely find more of her books to read.


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