“Imperfect Justice” by Cara Putman

“Imperfect Justice” by Cara Putman is a legal thriller.  Emilie Wesley is a lawyer for Haven, which is an organization that helps abused women and children find the courage and the means to leave their abusers.  Kaylene Adams is ready to leave her sadistic husband and make a new life for her and her two daughters.  The night before she is to leave, a terrible tragedy occurs at the Adams house.  Kaylene is dead, one daughter, Kaydence is dead, and one daughter, Kinley is critically wounded.  The police are calling it a murder, suicide with Kaylene as the perpetrator.

Emilie cannot reconcile that Kaylene, who was so focused on leaving with her girls would all of a sudden turn violent.  Kaylene’s brother Reid also cannot believe that his older sister would do such a thing.  When he finds a hidden letter asking him to care for her girls in case something happened to her, his suspicions are heightened.  He and Emilie work to disabuse the police’s theory.  At least one detective is on their wavelength and helps with the investigation.  Reid is suing Robert Adams for custody of his only remaining daughter, Kinley.  Reid and Emilie fear that Kinley is the only one who can tell what happened that fateful night and that her father may have been the guilty party.  If that is so, then Kinley is not safe with her father.

I thought this story was well thought out and serves to bring us all to awareness, that in some families, all is not what it seems.  The characters are very believable, as is the story line.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from LitFuse.com in return for posing a review.


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