“Seeds of Hope” by Barbara Cameron

In “Seeds of Hope”, Barbara Cameron story is one of conflicting life styles.  Miriam Troyer is a young Amish woman who has had a crush on Mark Byler since they were children.  Mark is English since his father left the Amish and brought him up in the English world.  However, Mark is very attached to his Amish grandfather and spends quite a bit of time helping on the farm when on vacation.  John Byler wants his grandson to take over the farm for him to keep it in the family.  Miriam has looked after John for a number of years, seeing that he has food and that he is well.

When Mark finds himself out of a job because of some adverse publicity, he joins his grandfather at harvest time and helps with the harvest and daily chores.  Miriam continues to bring food and to make sure that John and Mark are doing well.  It is no secret that she has eyes only for Mark and has spurned many other Amish suitors because of her love for him.  Mark, however, is deeply entrenched in the English world.  He is a successful lawyer for a prestigious firm, engaged to a socialite, owns a great condo, and drives a BMW.  While he is with his grandfather and living the Amish life, he has time to consider what God has intended for him.  It would be a tremendous upheaval to leave the English world to become Amish.

Ms. Cameron does a wonderful job of comparing the two life styles during the course of the novel.  Can Miriam’s devotion to Mark and his grandfather spur something in Mark that will make him take heed of what God has provided?  “Seeds of Hope” is a very compelling novel.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from LitFusePublicity.com in return for my honest review.

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