“Plain Jeopardy” by Alison Stone

“Plain Jeopardy” by Alison Stone is a short novel full of suspense and mystery.  Why would a wholesome young man like Jason suddenly ingest drugs and drive, having an accident, killing himself and seriously injuring a young girl?  While recovering from an operation at her sister’s bed and breakfast, Grace Miller, a travelling journalist, decides to write an article about the event and investigates rumors of drinking and drug parties among the Amish and English youth.  While looking into this scenario, she and the local deputy, Conner, lock horns.  Jason is a relative of the deputy and he is trying to shield his mother from further sadness.  Conner is also the son of the retired man who was sheriff when her mother was brutally murdered.  That is now a cold case.  No leads were found and the result of this crime is that Grace, her father and two sisters moved away from the community and left the Amish community.  Now one investigation causes another to begin again.  Grace is prodded to look into her mother’s murder.  The murderer has gotten away with it for over 30 years and is not about to get caught at this late date.  He is bound to get rid of Grace just like he did with her mother.  Together she and Conner solve both mysteries and in the process find each other.

Though the novel was very short, I thought Ms. Stone packed a lot of mystery and intrigue in those few pages.  I enjoyed reading the novel.

I received a complimentary Kindle review copy of this book from NetGalley.com in return for posting a review.


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