“Christmas at Grey Sage” Phyllis Clark Nichols

I love a good Christmas story.  It doesn’t have to be a long one, or have a pithy statement, but it does need to be a peaceful, gentle reminder of the reason for celebrating Christmas.

In “Christmas at Grey Sage” Phyllis Clark Nichols presents us with such a story.  After over twenty years of avoiding a Christmas in their home, Silas and Maude are persuaded to host a friend’s group of travelling companions for a few days before Christmas.  Their home has become an inn catering to writing and artistic retreats throughout the year.  Silas and Maude are scheduled to fly to Curaçao to celebrate Christmas.  Their trek to other climes is the usual way that they spend Christmas ever since the death of their beloved son many years ago.  However, the “Unlikely Christmas Party” of misfits that Lily brings to them changes things for all.  This group of mis-matched people is also escaping celebrating Christmas in the traditional way by travelling to New Mexico to experience an artistic jaunt.

Mother Nature has a way of changing peoples’ plans to suit herself though.  Finding themselves in the midst of a blizzard, all are unable to leave according to their plans.  The “Unlikely Christmas Party” is stranded as are Silas and Maude and a few neighbors at the Grey Sage Inn.  Things could be worse…the food is wonderful, the company comes around to bonding and Christmas is spent the way it should be, with good people sharing food and fellowship and just enjoying the reason for the season.

I really enjoyed reading gentle reminder of what Christmas is supposed to be.  Even in our sorrows we can count on the Babe to restore us to wholeness again.  Ms. Nichols captured this very nicely in this book.  The characters were varied enough that it was a joy to read about others’ escapades.  I thought that it was a good seasonal read.

I received a complimentary print review copy of this book from Gilead publishers and LitFusePublicity.com in return for posting a review.


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