“The Gift” by Shelley Shepard Gray

“The Gift” by Shelley Shepard Gray is a novel from the series The Amish of Hart County.  The Schwartz family has just purchased a farm in Hart County, Kentucky’s cave country.  Since they have been living in a very small home and now have a farm and the house to go with it.  Susanna Schwartz has just dropped her little sister off at a friend’s home and is returning to her home when shots ring out repeatedly, frightening her horse into racing away and causing the buggy to overturn.  She is injured and comes to as a young man helps her and makes sure the authorities are called.  Neil Vance and his family have sold their farm to the Schwartz’s and Neil’s father is a bitter man because he thinks they were cheated.

After Susanna’s accident with the buggy, other sinister occurrences take place which seem to be part of a campaign to get the Schwartz family to move away.  These “accidents” become more deadly as they continue and no one has been found to be responsible.  Susanna and Neil team up to find the culprit or culprits and find more than that.

I enjoyed reading this novel and thought it was very well written.  Ms. Shepherd gave nothing away until the very end and I welcomed that…it kept me reading long into the night.


I received a print copy of this book from LitFuse.com in return for posting a review.


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