“Journey Back to Christmas” by Leigh Duncan

“Journey Back to Christmas” by Leigh Duncan is a book based on the Hallmark Channel Original Movie.  I am usually not one for paranormal stories, but this one was right up my alley.  It brought a WW II widow from the 1940’s to contemporary time.  You can imagine the awe with which all the electronic, medical, and cultural changes were viewed by Hanna Morse as she finds herself in her hometown, but in the future.  Not only was she out of step in her manner, her clothes, her speech, but those around her were suspicious and fearful of her.

I thought that the story evolved quite understandably for a paranormal presentation.  I also thought that this is a good Christmas story to share.  It brings together all the things that make Christmas what it is and makes one long for the Christmases of long ago, where there was not so much commercialism and more time spent with family.  Loved the book!

I received a complimentary Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley.com in return for posting a review.


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