“Bringing Maggie Home” by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Kim Vogel Sawyer writes very sweet and hopeful stories, such as, “Bringing Maggie Home”.  This book covers a seventy year span.  Hazel DeFord, as a child, was walking with her little sister, Maggie, when she took a moment to look at something and she turned around, three-year-old Maggie was gone.  Maggie was the apple of her parents’ eye and Hazel was blamed for not being attentive enough.  What a burden to put on a child.  Seventy years later we are introduced to Hazel again.  She still carries the weight of her sister’s disappearance with her, and none of her family knows about the incident.  Her daughter, Diane, has reaped the results of that past because Hazel was always so over-protective and Diane resented it.   This caused a huge rift between the two and they were never able to get along.  Diane’s daughter Meghan is a cold case detective who has been injured and decides to recuperate at Hazel’s.  Meghan finds out about her grandmother’s secret and vows to find what happened to Maggie.  After seventy years, it is a long shot, but stranger things have happened.

I always like Ms. Sawyer’s books because there is a thread of hope no matter the circumstances surrounding the plot.  I also like the way Ms. Sawyer entwines the lives of the main characters and shows us that longtime perceptions may be just that.  For anyone needing a novel of hope amidst angst, this novel would serve you well.

I received a complimentary print copy from LitFuse Publicity as a member of the Blog Tour Team.


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