“All By Myself, Alone” by Mary Higgins Clark

“All By Myself, Alone” by Mary Higgins Clark, an international best-selling author, is another mystery in the “Queen of Suspense” list of novels.

Celia Kilbride has been hired to lecture on precious gems on the maiden voyage of the Queen Charlotte ocean liner.  She is really running away from the fallout from her fiancé’s arrest for hedge fund abuses.  She even convinced some of her friends to invest their money with him.  Now, she is a person of interest in being a partner in his crimes.  Of course, she knew nothing about that, she also lost money.  However, she was engaged to be married to him and no one believes her.

This maiden voyage of Queen Charlotte is very important to the shipping line and all efforts to make this an outstanding voyage for the elite and non-so-elite who are travelling on it are the number one concerns of the line.  Of course many passengers are wearing their most expensive jewelry which would tend to draw unscrupulous gem thieves to travel along.  We have a jewel thief on board, but who is it?  There is an inspector from Scotland Yard aboard, also the assistant to a very wealthy woman, Lady Em, her maid, and various other suspects.  After this poor woman is murdered, it becomes most important for Celia to establish that she is not a thief, nor a hedge fund accomplice, but a true gemologist, renowned in her field.

I received a complimentary print copy from NightOwlReviews.com for reading and review.


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