“A Letter from Lancaster County” by Kate Lloyd

“A Letter from Lancaster County” by Kate Lloyd is a story that to me is the tale of two sisters…two sisters who envy each other’s lives.  Angela is married with two children, and spends her life pleasing them.  Rose is more carefree, picking the wrong men, wishing for a lasting relationship and children.  Neither one is happy with their lives as they are.

They receive a letter from their deceased mother’s estranged sister, Aunt Sylvia, who is Mennonite.  Aunt Sylvia invited the sisters to visit her with the hope of finding a relationship with her nieces at long last.  Amid many family secrets, which are slow to be revealed, the sisters and their aunt finally come to the place that they can accept each other for who they are and not envy what the other has or doesn’t have.

I found this a rewarding book to read in that family tensions are sometimes caused by false judgements, envy, and a lack of self-worth.  I did not expect the ending, which is good because sometimes I plan in my head what the author probably wrote and it was refreshing to find out I was wrong.

I received a complimentary print copy of this book from LitFuse.com.


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