“The Paris Spy” by Susan Elia MacNeal

I love novels about spies and espionage during World War II.  I have a few favorite authors whose books I MUST have and must read.  Susan Elia MacNeal is one of those authors.  I have read all of her Maggie Hope Mysteries.  Her latest, “The Paris Spy” was another one that I could not put down until I’d read it all.  What a rollercoaster of danger, excitement, and historical imaginings!  Maggie is clandestinely in Paris under an assumed name to find a friend and her sister, Elise.  Something is wrong in the SOE (Special Operations Executive).  Agents are disappearing, communication seems to be compromised, but the head of SOE is complacent in dealing with this information.  He just assumes that all is well and that the agents are getting careless.  Maggie keeps a cool head through the dangers, but is caught in a trap.  Although she is returned to England, what happens there will keep me in suspense until Ms. MacNeal’s next Maggie Hope novel has been written.  I can’t wait to read it!!


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