“Driver Confessional” by David L. Winters

“Driver Confessional” by David L. Winters is a book about a “Buber” driver in Washington, D.C.  Antonio is happily married with an eight-year-old son.  He is attending law school and makes extra money driving for “Buber’ on the side.  Mr. Winters has written more of a diary of Antonio’s Buber patrons and the interesting lives they lead.  Even though they only know first names, sometimes the fares open up about their lives on the way to their destinations.  Sometimes there are those who are in the middle of something sinister and Antonio is drawn into it.

When one of his fares is murdered, Antonio and his cop brother, Rocco, try to find out what was behind her demise.  Because this woman left her briefcase in Antonio’s car, he spent some time trying to make sure she got it back.  The problem was, she was already dead.  What was she doing going to the Senate office building in the middle of the night?  What did she know and who wanted to silence her?  Interspersed with Antonio’s investigations are stories about other riders that he shares with.  Although this book was kind of interesting to me, I really did not care for his evangelization.  I didn’t mind this so much, but I thought it was overdone.  If I was had ridden with him, I would have been very put off.   I really did not care for this book and probably will not read more in this series.  I received this book from LitFuse.com for my honest review.


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