“Trusting Grace” by Maggie Brendan

Times are hard in Gallatin Valley, Montana Territory in 1866.  Grace Bidwell is the sole owner of Bidwell Farms after the death of her husband a few years earlier.  Her ill father lives with her and between him and the farm chores, she is too busy.  So, she puts a notice in the mercantile for hired help.  While there she sees three raggedy children eagerly staring at some peppermint sticks and decides to purchase on for each.

The children are in town with their father Robert, who is looking for work to tide them over until the can move on.  Finding Grace’s notice, Robert is able to secure the job, although he keeps the existence of the children a secret.  They set up camp a little way from the farm, but on the farm property.  When Grace finally learns of the children she is offers them a place to stay while Robert is working for her.  She had always wanted a family, but was childless in her marriage.  She loved caring for the kids and learned to care for their step-father too.

Reading this story showed just what a heightened sense of pride, hurt, and anger can do.  It takes special people to overcome all of this and to make good the life that they have.  Revell has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, “Trusting Grace” by Maggie Brendan.


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