“Missing” by Lisa Harris


The Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris is a great series of mystery and murder.  In her second book of the series, “Missing”, Nikki Boyd is called to the scene of a double murder in a residential neighborhood.  Not only are the two men not the owners of the property, but the husband and wife are missing.  Tyler Grant, Nikki’s friend is involved only because the body of the husband is found on his boat and his father-in-law is involved as well.  As with all of Ms. Harris’ books, we are soon drawn into a complicated situation where there are many suspects and murders occur in each chapter.

Nikki’s main priority at this point is locating the missing wife.  Evidently the husband had found evidence of counterfeit drugs at the pharmaceutical company where he worked and was ready to go to the authorities.  Victims had died because the drugs were not what they should be and contained missing or non-existing ingredients making them lethal to some.  Because the criminals weren’t sure who knew the truth, they were out to destroy all those involved.

We follow Nikki as she tirelessly works to uncover the plot and the murderers and those who hired them.  Tyler, his son Liam, his mother and many others are at risk and time is running out.  I love Ms. Harris’ books.  They are well written, the characters are true and the plots are tricky and involved…just like I like them.

Revell has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.




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