“The Taster” – V.S. Alexander

The circumstances surrounding the death of Adolph Hitler have long been discussed and disputed since the end of the war.  “The Taster”, published by Kensington Publishers is a novel based on a woman who was among Hitler’s “tasters”.  These women were chosen for their fidelity to the Fuhrer and were required to taste every bit of food and drink prior to its presentation to Hitler.  Hitler was scared to death that he would be poisoned and thought that everyone was out to kill him.  At the Wolf’s Lair and at The Berghof, Hitler’s places of residence, the tasters followed him and were required to stay within the compound at his service.

Magda Ritter, is the name of the young woman in this novel who is chosen by the Reichstag to be one of Hitler’s tasters.  She is schooled in the different forms of poison so she can recognize them by taste and smell.  If she falters, then she will be the one poisoned.  Magda meets a member of the SS assigned to Hitler’s guard and they become involved.  He is also involved in a group planning to assassinate Hitler.  This story is so interesting and menacing at the same time.  All the while reading this book, I was constantly feeling terrified for all those involved.

I thought that this was a great read and very rooted in historical fact.  The author’s list of background books and articles made the book seem real.  Based on a true character, who would not believe it?

The book will be published in early 2018 by Kensington Books.


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