“Safe in a Stranger’s Heart” by Angel Moore

Angel Moore is writing a series called Mail Order Brides of River Bend.  The first book in the series is “Safe in a Stranger’s Heart”.

The story is about Jason Winters living in River Bend, Texas with his mother.  He is a hard-working farmer and their land is very isolated.  He is looking for a companion for his mother and a bride for himself.  Ruby Humphries is a widow from New England who is longing to leave the area that was nothing to her except memories of sorrow.  She had married in accordance with the wishes of her father who wanted her married and settled before he died.  Little did he know the real motives of the man she had married. Wanting only her fortune, her husband Lewis wanted nothing to do with her and kept a mistress.  After his untimely death, his family was offended that there had been no children born of the marriage and were not going to see to her welfare.

Ruby’s benefactress encouraged her to accept Jason’ offer of marriage and to be a companion to his mother, learning all she could from her.  However, upon her arrival by stage, she was horrified to learn that Jason Winter’s mother had just passed and that she was just in time for her burial.  Both Ruby and Jason decided to go ahead with their plans.  One of the things that Ruby did not share about herself was that she was not a housekeeper, nor a cook.  She actually knew nothing about being a wife.  The reader is treated to a description of what it is like to learn on-the-spot.

I enjoyed the narrative of this story and thought some of the mishaps that Ruby was involved in to be hilarious.  The coming together of these two lonely souls was the highlight of this story.


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