“Rachel’s Dream” by Lisa Jones Baker

“Rachel’s Dream” is the third book in the Hope Chest of Dreams series by Lisa Jones Baker.  It is an Amish tale about a young woman who has dreams of her own.  She is usually involved in some sort of mishap and makes her parents crazy with her devotion to animals.  The Amish consider animals just to be a help to the home and farm, not to be loved and cherished as Rachel does.

Rachel’s horse Cinnamon is ill with a serious virus and she is scared that her father wants to put the horse down since she is no longer of any use.  Rachel enlists the help of a young veterinarian who trained with someone from their area.  Dr. Jarred Zimmerman had one step in the English world and one step in the Amish world.  He cared deeply for animals and eventually wanted to set up a foster stable for horses and other animals.  He does everything he can think of to help Rachel’s horse, even going so far as to offering to take the horse if Rachel’s father decides to put her down.

This is a very nice Amish romance.  While there are conditions to consider, such as, an Amish girl cannot marry outside the religion, and other setbacks,  Rachel and Jarred work together to pull her horse through and not to go against her father’s wishes.  I thought that Ms. Baker wrote a very sweet novel…one that you can cuddle up with.

I received this print book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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