“Pursued” by Lisa Harris

I have just read my first, but definitely not my last, book by Lisa Harris, “Pursued”.  Nikki is a member of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation specializing in missing persons.  She and her team work together to find those who are missing before something bad happens to them.

Nikki is flying home after a long seminar when her plane crash lands at the airport in Nashville.  The woman who was sitting next to her leaves the plane and vanishes.  The woman is not on the flight manifesto, no one remembers seeing her on the plane.  Nikki knows what she saw and whom she talked to and is determined to find her.  The FBI contacts her and asks for her help.  The same day as the crash she has two other close calls and finds that the woman she is searching for is in a lot of trouble.  Besides the dangerous things happening to Nikki, the bodies are falling like leaves.  Someone is after something.  I will leave the reader to sort this out.

I read this book with one finger preparing to turn the page as fast as I could in order to find out the rest of the story.  I will be looking for Ms. Harris’ other books.  I’m sure they will be just as entertaining as this one.  I received a print copy of this book from Revell Reads in return for my honest review.


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