“An Unwilling Husband” by Tera Shanley

Margaret “Maggie” Flemming was happy.  She was on a train bound for Rockdale, Texas, to stay with her “father”, Roy Davis.  Maggie’s mother was a socialite who had gotten in trouble.  Roy took on Maggie as his own daughter and loved her as such.  Maggie’s mother was not happy in her role as a rancher’s wife and took her young daughter and herself back to Boston to live with Maggie’s aunt.  Aunt Margaret was a crochety, nasty old woman who was unkind to the young girl and harassed her at every turn.  Maggie had enough and after her mother’s death headed west to live with her father.  Sadly, shortly after she arrived at his ranch, he had an unfortunate accident and passed away.  As he lay dying, he wrung a pledge out of his neighbor and former playmate of Maggie, Garrett Shaw, to marry her and protect her.

Theirs was not a happy marriage, because although Maggie had always loved Garrett, he thought that she had abandoned him when her mother took her from Texas.  He did not think that she was capable of living on a ranch and doing what ranch women had to do.  Her salvation came in the form of a young Indiana woman, Lenny, who taught her what she needed to know.

Garrett’s ranch was mortgaged to a despicable bully and he was trying to make enough money to pay it off.  Maggie had her hands full trying to make Garrett love her and accept her as his wife.  The story has a lot of twists and turns and is very engaging.  I particularly liked the other ranch hands and Maggie’s way of speaking her mind.  I didn’t mind the occasional swear words either.  It made her bigger than life.  “An Unwilling Husband” by Tera Shanley was a very appealing book for anyone who loves a good western novel.


I received a Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley.com in return for my honest review.


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