“The Newcomer” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

One of my favorite authors, Suzanne Woods Fisher has written another good book, “The Newcomer”.  We are witness to the immigration of German Amish to the Pennsylvania frontier in 1737.  This group of people is ready to begin a new life in America and experience the bounty of the land.  Anna König and Bairn Bauer have begun a romance and Anna is hoping that Bairn is ready to give up the sea and settle down to homestead.

Problems arise from the beginning as the church’s members cannot agree on anything.  Land grants are in dispute and Bairn’s father Jacob, the Amish bishop, is stubborn in his leadership.  There are also problems among the church members.  Bairn is given a chance to be a first mate for “one last” ocean trip and accepts the offer, which makes Anna wonder if he is ever coming back and if she should wait for him.  Along comes another immigrant from another ship, the newcomer, Henrik Newman.  The newcomer radiates joy and happiness with every event.  He sees the work of God in every hardship.  He is interested in Anna and in Bairn’s absence convinces her that he is the one she should marry.

The whole series of events that make up this book serve to give a perspective on the immigrants who settled America before the Revolution.  There are many reasons why a people would leave their home country and travel an extreme distance to find a new life.  I thought that Ms. Fisher did a wonderful job of portraying the hardships and troubles that these people faced.

I received a print copy of this book from Revell in return for my honest review.


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