“On to Richmond – 1861 to 1862” by

I am continuing to read the novels by Ginny Dye in The Bregdan Chronicles series.  The novel that this review concerns is “On to Richmond – 1861 to 1862”.  I am determined to read all the books in this series because they flow so well from one to the next.  One would think Ms. Dye would run out of material and ideas, but that is certainly not the case.  Even though the characters continue from one book to the next, the plots are different and expanded so that the reader’s interest is intact throughout.  I am delighted to know that Ms. Dye can find a myriad of stories to tell about events that occurred during the Civil War.  I’m sure that there is an indefinite number of plots and plans to write about.  This is the second novel in the series.  It is better to read them in order, although a synopsis of previous editions are conveniently displayed so that you can keep up if need be.  However, if you don’t read the whole book, you will miss out on too much.


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