“Storm Clouds Rolling In” by Ginny Dye

I read the first book in The Bregdan Chronicles, “Storm Clouds Rolling In” by Ginny Dye.  I can honestly say that I could not put this book down.  The theme of this series is the Civil War as it affects the plantation owners and southern sympathizers as the South tries to decide its fate during the unstable times in the 1860’s.  Ms. Dye clearly show the reader the conundrum faced by those in the south, some who want to remain with the Union, and some who want to secede from the Union because they fear their way of life is changing.  Politicians from the north are speaking out against slavery and abolitionists are becoming more intense in their pursuit of freeing as many slaves and they can.  The Underground Railroad is up and running and slaves are seeking their freedom in Canada if they can get away safely from the plantations.  Of course, the attitude towards slavery is the catalyst that brings the south to have to decide its future.  Some southerners and slave owners are beginning to see that this way of life is wrong and are adamant that the Union should be preserved.

Carrie Cromwell’s family owns a plantation and slaves.  She has never had a thought about her way of life until the sentiment of the country begins to cause her to question her beliefs.  She is, of course, at odds with the beliefs of her parents who think that the black people are inferior and are no better than animals to be treated as such.  Carrie’s beau might be handsome and charming, but his ideals are so far from Carrie’s that the marriage match does not happen as he would want.

I could go on and on, but I won’t because if you read this first novel, I am sure that you will want to read all the novels in the series.  At this point there are nine.  I would recommend that you read them in order to fully understand that which Ms. Dye is expressing in her writing.  She is a fine writer and her work is excellently carried out.


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