“The Paris Librarian” by Mark Pryor

“The Paris Librarian” is a Hugh Marston crime fiction book by Mark Pryor.  I had not read his books before and so found this novel to be appealing.  I enjoy crime fiction and found that this setting in Paris with all the accompanying Parisian sights and sounds was very thought-provoking.  The fact that Hugo’s friend Paul has unexpectedly died in a locked room is first found to be death by natural causes.  However, Hugh’s nose for trouble leads him to suspect otherwise.  Working with a Parisian detective, jumping through the hoops in the investigation keeps Hugh thinking.  Is there a connection with an aging actress and the murder of a Nazi officer?  Does this murder have anything to do with a new exhibit that is being shown at the library?  There is a plethora of suspects, each with a reason to do away with Paul.  When other bodies start to pile up and the list of suspects is reduced because of their deaths, Hugo has to be quite inventive in his investigation to find out how someone is killed in a locked room with no visible means of entry by anyone else.

I really enjoyed this crime thriller.  I was kept in suspense throughout the novel because I kept deciding on the wrong suspect as the killer.  The ending will be a total surprise and the lead up to it equally surprising.

I was sent a complimentary print copy by NightOwlReviews.com.


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