“Inheriting Edith” by Zoe Fishman

“Inheriting Edith” by Zoe Fishman was for me a study about accepting challenges and forging a way to resolve or live with them.  Maggie Sheets is a house cleaner who lives with her two-year-old daughter.  Years before she cleaned Liza house.  Liza was a famous author who had a dark side.  Maggie and Liza became friends, but had a falling out.   After Liza’s untimely death, Maggie finds that she has inherited Liza’s fine home and money; however, there is a catch.  Maggie also inherits Liza’s eighty-two year old mother, Edith.  Edith has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for a few years and is becoming steadily worse.  Edith doesn’t appreciate the fact that Maggie has inherited HER, especially since she has a two-year old toddler.  How is this going to work?  Plodding through the stresses and antagonisms will either work or not and both Maggie and Edith have a lot to deal with.

I found this book to be an enlightening read.  How does one cope with an Alzheimer’s patient with patience and empathy?  How does the Alzheimer’s patient deal with the gradual eroding of everything comforting, knowing that the future holds more heartache for all?  I was pleasantly surprised that the end of the book was almost a new beginning.  This is a very encouraging novel.  I found that through it all there is an uplifting storyline which makes the reader know that life is not futile, even when it is cursed with difficulties.

I was sent a complimentary print copy by NightOwlReviews.com.


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