“Woman in the Shadows” by Jane Thynne

“Woman in the Shadows” by Jane Thynne is the third book in the Clara Vine Series that I have read.  Jane Thynne has become one of my very favorite authors.  Not only is her subject matter one that I love to read about, but her style of writing keeps me coming back for more.  I am so glad that she is expanding this series to five books.  I delight in reading about prominent characters who were engaged in the pre-World War II cat and mouse games of espionage.  I can picture myself in Berlin along with Clara, so vividly does Ms. Thynne describe the surroundings.  I feel the intrigue, the helplessness, the terror that must have been part of most persons’ lives during this time in Germany.  I fear for Clara as she does her duty for the Crown and possibly provides information that will someday save many lives.

Clara Vine is a young woman, part English, part Jewish German.  Her very existence is in peril as long as she lives in Berlin and hobnobs with the Reich’s top echelon.  She must watch every word, every nuance, every look, and every movement, to make sure she does not give herself away.  As an actress, is she acting the part in her own life, or just when she is around the Nazi hierarchy?  Whom can she trust?  Whom can she talk to?  Who knows the truths?

In England, the titles of Ms. Thynne’s books are different from those offered in the United States.  For instance, this same book I am reviewing has the title, “The Winter Garden” in the U.K.  This may be confusing for some, but I have researched the books and am aware of the differences.  I highly recommend this series and I will continue to read all that Ms. Thynne writes.

I received a print copy of this book from NightOwlReviews.com in return for my honest review.


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