“A Time for Everything” by Misti Parker

“A Time for Everything” by Misti Parker is a novel set around Nashville, Tennessee in 1866, the year after the Civil War ended.  Portia McAllister has lost her husband in the fighting and her baby daughter to sickness.  Although she is a Confederate widow, she accepts a job as a tutor to a young boy, the son of a Union officer.  His mother passed away while the father was fighting.  Beau Stanford came home to a gravesite and in his grief and sorrow said things to his son which rendered him mute.  Po has her work cut out for her.  Not only is her charge mute, but there is no money to pay her, so she is working for room and board and also helping around the Stanford farm.

After the war the grievances did not end and emotions were high.   Beau was not welcomed back home by those who took the side of the South and Po was not accepted by the folks either.  Beau is bankrupt, but marriage to his dead wife’s cousin would bring much needed money back to the family.  Since Lydia has loved Beau from afar long before her cousin, Clara’s death, she is most willing to marry Beau.  However circumstances bring Portia and Beau together and neither can deny their attraction for one another.

Not only is this novel quite good reading throughout, the storyline and characters make the novel one that was hard to put down.  I found the writing style to be excellent and very much to my liking.  I enjoyed reading this novel and would highly recommend it.

I was sent a print copy by the author in return for my honest review.


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