“Flawless – Jewel of the Night” by Jana Richards

“Flawless – Jewel of the Night” by Jana Richards was a great war time read.  We follow Hunter  Smith, an American imprisoned in Great Britain for jewel theft.  Although the circumstances of his incarceration are suspect, he is bribed to get out of the prison by the SOE, an organization that sends operatives to France.  There they make contact with the French Resistance to supply them with arms and radios in return for information on the Nazis and their movements in occupied France.

Hunter is a jewel merchant whose crime was actually putting jewels back that had be previously taken unlawfully.  He was set up, caught and sentenced.   He is also an expert safe-cracker.  When a famous and extremely valuable diamond is taken by the Nazis from a friend of Hunters, who is subsequently killed, they are trying to make a deal with a Middle East nation for oil.  The SOE wants that diamond, not only to help the British cause, but to thwart the Nazi scheme.

Hunter makes contact with the Resistance who have operatives in place at the Nazi headquarters in Lille.  These operatives are ready to help Hunter, aka Jaques Lemay while in France.  He meets the widow of his best friend and the operative who was killed for the diamond and will be working with her to accomplish the theft.

As always while reading a World War II spy novel, I am constantly on the edge of my seat waiting for something else to happen throughout the book.  The plot opportunities are endless for an author writing about that time in history, especially if it is a work of historical fiction.  I enjoyed this book and read it in two sittings.


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