“First Women” by Kate Andersen Brower

“First Women” by Kate Andersen Brower is a novel about America’s modern First Ladies.  Much like her recent bestseller, “The Residence”, we are privileged to see inside the White House and the living quarters of the First Family.  Relying on first hand interviews with former First Ladies and staff members one can get a glimpse of the fishbowl existence that these ladies live.

Interestingly, each former First Lady has her own style.  The transition from administration to administration can be fraught with anxiety, concern and nervousness or with reassurance and calmness that all will be taken care of.  There is also the stress of subtle hostility between the old administration and the new administration.  These ladies come to the White House as supporters of their husbands and as veterans of intense campaigning, sometimes to the detriment of their families.  However in all cases, the focus of these plucky individuals has always been the welfare of their husbands and their children.  Some have taken it upon themselves to personally see that those surrounding the President are unquestionably loyal and trustworthy.  It has not been beyond some of these ladies to see that those who didn’t “muster up” were relieved of their positions.

I found this novel to be informative and very interesting.  It gives a true perspective as to the lives these families live under very stressful circumstances.

I purchased a Kindle copy of this book from Amazon.com.  No review positive or otherwise was required – all opinions are my own.


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